Gaming monitors

A gamer needs a high-performance monitor, with optimized speed and high resolution. Cepter’s professional grade monitors are developed to give you the most vivid gaming experience out there. If you are dreaming of a setup with several monitors, your dream just got a bit closer, with Cepter’s impressive yet sensibly priced monitors.

CEPTER - Gaming monitors

See everything – improve your game

Many games require exceptional hand-eye coordination, first person shooter games in particular. When your team is counting on you, there is no time to hesitate. It’s important that you can spot your enemies in the distance, before they spot you, and secure a victory for your team. With Cepter’s incredible displays, designed to make the most of your skills as a player, you won’t miss a single in-world detail.

Minimal delay – faster reactions

We at Cepter know that a fraction of a second can be all the difference there is between winning and losing in a fast-paced game. Our expert displays, crafted especially for the gaming community, come with minimal delay that allow you to react immediately, giving you an advantage against your enemies. Never lose another game because of insufficient gear again.

Immerse yourself into the game

Impressive graphics don’t just give you an in-game advantage during a match. A truly exceptional display will allow you to completely immerse yourself in the world you are playing in. You’ll get to enjoy exceptional colors combined with effortlessly smooth movement along with every little brilliant detail crafted by the creators of your favorite games. With Cepter displays the online world is right at your fingertips – why just look at it when you can live it?

Redefining movement

Can you imagine experiencing your favourite games just as you would as vividly as you do real life? The future is already here – with Cepter 144 Hz displays you will be able to enjoy incredibly smooth movement that brings your games to life. A high refresh rate gives you gives you more frames per second to work with. In other words, you’ll receive more information – information that can give you a huge advantage.

Just remember, simply getting a new display won’t improve your game, if your system hasn’t got the power to run it. So, make sure you are giving your gear every opportunity to make you a greater player. Upgrade your setup and take your gaming experience to a whole new level with Cepter.

Professional gear for every player

You don’t need to be a pro gamer to enjoy professional gear. Whether you are just starting out or have been crafting your skills for years, your gear can give you an advantage. So use it. We at Cepter believe every player deserves high quality setup. We also believe that players should be ranked by skill. Not by how much you spend on your gear. For this reason, we’re committed to creating high quality products at a reasonable price. With great gear at your disposal, you can let your skills do the talking. Game on.