Gaming laptops

Most games require more than a regular office computer to run smoothly. At least for the more advanced games out there, you’ll need to power up. Our gaming laptops are packed with high-grade tech to give you the best possible performance. The authentic and cool design provides you with the ultimate experience – whatever your game of choice happens to be.

Gaming laptops

The future is here! For a long time, all we needed a desktop to enjoy the latest games and to use heavy software. Thankfully desktops aren’t the only option anymore (although who wouldn’t love an RGB-ridden powerhouse). Technology has advanced rapidly and powerful components that took a lot of space before, can now be crunched to more compact laptops than ever before.

We at Cepter have also been able to utilize this when designing new gaming laptops. You won’t need a suitcase to bring a powerful gaming laptop with you anymore and the frames of our gaming laptops don’t look like they’re ripped straight out of an 80’s spy movie set.

Compact powerhouse

The absolute advantage of a gaming laptop is the possibility to take your PC with you or change your gaming spot instantly if needed. If mobility is something you want from your gaming PC, you should definitely look into our great selection of gaming laptops

Heavy and clumsy gaming laptops are a remnant of the past. Today, powerful gaming laptops come in light and compact packages.

Top-of the line components

We think that performance shouldn’t be a synonym for expensive. Our gaming laptops are packed with the latest CPUs and GPUs from A-grade manufacturers combined with high-quality memory and fast storage space. We aim to level the playing field and provide you with excellent gaming instruments for a reasonable price.

Our CPUs come from Intel and the GPUs are provided by NVIDIA, but that doesn’t mean the whole laptop is out of reach even for a lower budget. Performance and longevity of our gaming laptops is based on the quality of the components we use and that is why we always choose the best options on the market.

Crystal clear displays

In addition to the components, a high-quality display is the key part of a great gaming laptop. After all, how would you even enjoy graphics on a Ultra High setting without a good display? When gaming, it is sometimes crucial to notice even the tiniest details and see clearly in the middle of an action-packed war zone. Our high-quality gaming laptop displays will aid you in your march to glory in Full HD and with a 144 Hz refresh rate. You don’t need to squint to see what’s going on in your matches or suffer from a laggy picture on key moments of your games anymore.

Ergonomic keyboards

Even though mouse is something that even every laptop gamer should purchase separately, with our gaming laptops you don’t necessarily need a separate keyboard. Enjoy every key stroke and the feeling that the keyboard almost anticipates your next move. Even longer gaming sessions are not out of the picture, since you can rest your hands on our WASD keys very comfortably.