Gaming keyboards

To ensure the best possible in-game performance, a mechanical keyboard is absolutely necessary. Cepter’s selection provides both style and function, with features such as adjustable RGB lightning, anti-ghosting keys, special command configuration and additional ports.

CEPTER - Gaming keyboards

Cepter - Better equipment, better results

If you’re good at what you do, don’t let insufficient gear hold you back. In the heat of a battle, there is no time to agonize about delay. By choosing better equipment, you are choosing better results. It’s almost instinctive – a keyboard that responds to your commands the moment you make the decision to move. That’s a companion you will want with you when it is time for battle. Let the Cepter keyboard rise to the challenge and take your gaming experience to the next level. Make every keystroke count.

Perfect reliability at your fingertips

Tired hitting your keys with no response? You could have sworn you hit the key on time, but somehow you missed the shot anyway. The build and mechanics of your keyboard are a crucial factor in a smooth gaming experience. When the challenges on-screen demand all of your attention, you need to able to count on your keys. With Cepter’s professional grade keyboards, designed especially for gaming, you can trust every keystroke. Because sometimes the difference between winning and losing can be up to a single push a button. With Cepter, perfection is at your fingertips.

The power of mechanical switches

When you’re looking for reliability, mechanic is the way to go. Tried, tested and favored by players around the world, mechanical keyboard switches allow for fast and precise typing. Instead of a rubber membrane resistant to the touch, all Cepter keyboards come with individual switches under each key. No resistance, just effortless keystrokes to provide you with ultimate control when you play. Choose Cepter and join the revolution.

Brilliant RGB backlights

All Cepter keyboards are equipped with a brilliant and completely adjustable RGB backlight system. No matter when you’re playing, day or night, you will see exactly where you are laying your fingers – no need to leave it to chance. Set it to match all your gear and enjoy a perfectly uniform setup customized to your liking. Choose a single shade from a dazzling array of colors or create a custom color combination to set the stage for victory.

Professional gear for every player

You don’t need to be a pro gamer to enjoy professional gear. Whether you are just starting out or have been crafting your skills for years, your gear can give you an advantage. So use it. We at Cepter believe every player deserves high quality setup. We also believe that players should be ranked by skill. Not by how much you spend on your gear. For this reason, we’re committed to creating high quality products at a reasonable price. With great gear at your disposal, you can let your skills do the talking.