Gaming mice

When gaming on a computer, the mouse and keyboard are crucial accessories! Cepter knows that precision is everything in gaming, so we offer high-quality gaming mice with optical sensors, a range of buttons and an adjustable DPI to make sure everything you need is right at your fingertips.

The gaming mouse could be considered on of the most important accessories when playing on a computer. Since the mouse is what is most often used to aim, which is why its performance has a huge impact on your overall success.  

With a Cepter gaming mouse, you get a mouse crafted specifically for the best possible gaming session. Naturally, they all have a high number of buttons, allowing you to customize your gaming style and save key commands. We have also ensured the best sensors for gaming, and DPI that is easy to adjust.

We know that our customers care about design, so our gaming mouse range is a result of careful feature selection including many different styles. Because players have different preferences - not to mentions different hands - our gaming mice come in many different sizes and shapes. All are ergonomically developed to fit well in to your hand.  

Understanding DPI

The DPI is one of the things that distinguishes a gaming mouse from a regular mouse. DPI is short for dots per inch. Simply put, DPI affects the sensitivity of the mouse. The larger the value, the more sensitive the mouse is. While a standard computer mouse typically has a DPI of about 1600, gaming mice usually have a DPI of at least 4000. The desired sensitivity depends on the game as well as the players personal preference. That is why Cepter allows you adjust the DPI through a dedicated software or a switch on the mouse.