The Power you need
It’s time to advance

A successful gaming session requires a real battle station of a computer with the power to conquer any obstacle or challenge that comes your way.

Our gaming laptops are just that. Packed with tech to tackle high resolution and quick maneuvers, Cepter gaming laptops are optimized for truly great gaming sessions. If you like image and video editing, they have the power to do that too. Cepter lets you step up your game.

Chairs for serious gamers
The ultimate combination of comfort and style

Do you love gaming? We do too. So, we know how times flies when your session is going well – and we know how important it is to sit comfortably too.

Our ergonomic gaming chairs allow you to go on for hours while looking out for your neck, shoulders and back. That also makes them a great option for working or studying. Our authentic and fresh designs are the perfect thing to take your setup to the next level. With Cepter, comfort and style go hand in hand.


The power to be productive

No matter the task, Cepter has your back. Our range of laptops and elegant all-in-one computers have everything you need to succeed. We thrive to provide you the best possible equipment to be productive, tackle all challenges, and make your everyday life more enjoyable.

The complete, elegant solution

It’s time to get rid of the tangled cables and space-consuming machinery. With Cepter’s All-In-One computers, you’ll get everything you need within one single sleek unit.

The computer is located on the backside of a large elegant display, accompanied by a neat wireless keyboard and mouse. Say hello to your new tidy office!

Productivity & Performance - On the go
Versatile laptops for everyday use

Be creative and get things done wherever you are. Cepter laptops are developed for the tasks of your everyday life – all light and slim, yet equipped with varying features and benefits, because everyone has their own preferences.

Try out our compact 2-in-1 tablet and laptop combinations that merge the benefits of two separate units into one, or explore our classic laptops packed with performance for limitless productivity.