All-in-One PC's

Would you like to have a powerful, stationary computer in your home? Only, you don’t want lots of cables and space consuming hardware? Then our elegant and slim all-in-one computers are the perfect choice! Cepter’s all-in-one computers are a stylish addition into any home. They come with a wireless mouse and keyboard, too, so the only cable you need to attach is a single power cord.

With our all-in-one PCs you can create a neat office space or cozy computing corner. The design is both smart and space saving, placing the computer components on the backside of the large screen. The combination unit gives you everything you need in order to be productive, with great performance, multiple available connections and ports, an integrated webcam, as well as a wireless mouse and keyboard.

All our Cepter Sense PCs new are equipped with full HD resolution screens. They come in different sizes, and with different specifications to match your preferences and budget. Nevertheless, all screens will ensure that you get an overview that is great for both fun productivity and can’t be compared to a laptop.

Our most powerful all-in-one computers offer market-leading processors, graphics and great storage. But even if you choose one of our entry models, we promise that you will be amazed by the performance and user-friendliness of your Cepter all-in-one computer.

If you care about interior design and home décor, but need a big computer screen in your home, a Cepter all-in-one computer is a great choice. The slim and elegant design will fit perfectly into any decorating style, providing a modern touch, and not demanding too much attention. What’s more, the solution saves a lot of space compared to connecting a laptop to a screen with cables or a docking station, or even using a traditional stationary computer.

Using the PC for gaming? While our all-in-one PCs are great for the family, they are not optimized for gaming. So, if you or someone in your household plays graphically demanding games, we suggest you take a look at a computer optimized for gaming, such as one our gaming laptops.