Cases, power supply and accessories

Do you want to build your very own, powerful gaming computer? Cepter offers stylish computer cases fitting ATX, Micro-ATX and ITX motherboards. The cases are spacious and will fit most cooling systems and graphics cards. Just check the specifications below. Cepter also offers stable power supplies, network cables, gigabit switches for adding more units, and other accessories to upgrade your setup.  

CEPTER - Cabinets, power supply and accessories for gaming-PC

Cepter - excellent protection for excellent hardware

It may be the inside that counts, but it doesn’t hurt if the outside looks good, too. Choosing a casing for your build adds a final touch to your setup, so make sure to choose very carefully. If you have room on your desk for your PC case, it will always be visible. So why not make it the crowning jewel of your entire setup?

Model your gaming setup after your favourite pro players and the most popular streamers and show off your components with high-grade windowed Cepter cases that allow you to keep tabs on your power house PC. Compatible with some of the most popular motherboards, assembly is made easy with plenty of room to spare for wires efficient air-circulation that will keep your components cool through the most demanding moments of your game. Choose an option with preinstalled RGB lighting and fans or choose your own lights and fans.

Power up your PC

After deciding on your components for your fresh PC build, it’s time to select a power supply. The PSU is naturally an indispensable part of your setup – without enough power to fire-up the components, your system won’t as much as turn on. Take care in selecting the right unit for your gear. With a Cepter PSU you can’t go wrong.

After you’ve chosen your components, it might be worth looking up a calculator to determine exactly how much power you need to comfortably run your system. If you want to make sure your gear lasts as long as possible, make sure to choose slightly more power than might be currently necessary. If you ever want to switch out some of your components in the future, your system is prepared to handle it.

Fine tune your system

Once you’ve gathered all the parts and components for your new build, it’s time to put everything together. Whatever it is you need, Cepter has your back. From high-grade thermal paste to prevent your CPU from overheating to bright and brilliant RGB lighting strips to finish off your case and setup, our supplies will help you lay on the finishing touches to your brand-new power house PC.

Professional gear for every player

You don’t need to be a pro gamer to enjoy professional gear. Whether you are just starting out or have been crafting your skills for years, your gear can give you an advantage. So use it. We at Cepter believe every player deserves high quality setup. We also believe that players should be ranked by skill. Not by how much you spend on your gear. For this reason, we’re committed to creating high quality products at a reasonable price. With great gear at your disposal, you can let your skills do the talking. Game on.