Gaming headsets & microphones

The headset is an essential part of your gaming gear, especially when you’re playing as part of a team. With Cepter’s headsets you can enjoy the soundscapes of the games more fully than ever before, while simultaneously hearing everything your teammates have to say. The headsets are also designed to make sure that your ears and head won’t be experience any strain, even during longer sessions.

CEPTER - Gaming headsets

Cepter - Hear better, do better

When there is no time to hesitate and absolutely no room for error, Cepter has your back. Our gaming headsets offer clear and balanced sound, even when you are working with a bigger crew with many players joining in from around the world. No distractions, just clear and uninterrupted sound. Let the battle commence.

Pinpoint your enemies

Ready to improve your game? When you need to find your enemies fast, but they are nowhere to be seen, all you have to go off are the little clues left behind in the sounds echoing through the landscape of your game. With the hyper-realistic and clear sound worlds you can reach Cepter headsets, you can react faster than ever before. When it’s crucial to pinpoint exactly where the sounds are coming from, Cepter is the solution.

Focus on what’s important

Sometimes the battle can get messy. When you need to hear what your teammates are saying but explosives are going off left and right, important pieces of information can easily go unheard. With Cepter headsets, there is no need to constantly adjust the sound – just focus on what you do best. Our headsets utilize ingenious balanced sound that allows you to hear both your surroundings and dialogue simultaneously. When the stakes are high, Cepter gets the job done.

Ultimate comfort – even for longer sessions

Long sessions require special gear. When the fight drags on in to the night, you can’t afford worry about an uncomfortable headset. With Cepter gear, you know you are investing into your own success on the field. Because we at Cepter know, comfortable gear ultimately makes you a better player. Carefully crafted over-ear headphones with feather-light barely-there wearability, soft yet durable materials and an impressive design, what more could you ask for? Don’t let uncomfortable gear distract you when it’s time to focus – your team is counting on you.

Communicate with your team

More often than not, victory is a team effort. Reliable and clear communication with your teammates through battle is a vital part of a successful game. For this reason, Cepter headsets come with a high-grade built-in microphone that allows you to communicate with your crew throughout your game. Adjust it to fit you perfectly with a simple bending mechanism, and you are ready to go.

Professional gear for every player

You don’t need to be a pro gamer to enjoy professional gear. Whether you are just starting out or have been crafting your skills for years, your gear can give you an advantage. So use it. We at Cepter believe every player deserves high quality setup. We also believe that players should be ranked by skill. Not by how much you spend on your gear. For this reason, we’re committed to creating high quality products at a reasonable price. With great gear at your disposal, you can let your skills do the talking. Game on.