Gaming keyboards

Mechanical pro gaming keyboard with RGB lighting

  • Minimalistic design
  • Kailh Blue switches
  • LED RGB lighting
  • 1.6 m USB cable
  • Anti-Ghosting technology

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Cepter X-13 is a pro gaming mechanical keyboard with immersive RGB lighting and high-quality Kailh Blue switches. The keyboard is equipped with durable Kailh Blue switches, which are rated for at least 60 million key presses. Mechanical keyboards have more accurate inputs than conventional analog keyboards, which makes it most suitable for gaming. The difference is especially noticeable in games that are played at a high pace. Stay on top of your game with the high performance Cepter X-13 gaming keyboard.

Anti-ghosting function

Anti-ghosting function ensures that all key presses are registered, even if you press multiple buttons at the same time. An essential feature for any gaming keyboard.

On-the fly macros

The keyboard can be used to customize macros on the fly, which are used to perform multiple keystrokes with a simple button press. Minimal design with standard nordic key layout and numpad.

Four interchangeable Brown Switches

The keyboard comes with four interchangeable Brown switches and switch swapping tool. You can customize your most used keys with different style keys.


  • Material Aluminum
  • Secondary colors Silver
  • Primary color -

Keyboard connections

  • Wireless No

Keyboard features

  • Customized for gaming Yes