Cepter Mousepad medium
Cases, power supply and accessories

Medium-size cloth mouse pad with non-slip base

  • Size: Medium (360 x 270 x 4 mm)
  • Non-slip rubber base
  • Stiched edges
  • Soft mousepad

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The Medium Cepter mouse pad provides a comfortable base for your mouse. The soft cloth mousepad is suitable for gaming and is equipped with stiched edges and a non-slip rubber base, which ensures that it stays securely in place in fast-paced gaming situations.

Medium form factor

The medium-sized mouse pad is safe choice for users who have limited space on their desk, but still require enough space for mouse movements. The mouse pad is 270 x 360 x 4 mm in size.

Comfortable fabric surface

The soft fabric surface offers comfortable mouse movements that do not irritate the wrist or arm in fast gaming situations.

Non-slip rubber base

The rubber base of the mouse mat keeps it firmly in place and prevents it from moving during quick mouse movements.


  • Primary color Black