Cepter Gaming Uv glasses
Cases, power supply and accessories

Keep your eyes fresh with lightweight glasses designed for gamers

  • Designed for gamers
  • Ultra-light design
  • Blocks 50 % of UV light
  • Reduces digital eye strain
  • Helps with sleep
  • Lense material: CR-39
  • Frame material: Acetate
  • Includes glasses pouch and cleaning cloth

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Cepter gaming glasses reduce incoming blue light by up to 50 percent on your eyes, improving your gaming experience and sleep quality. Glasses reduce digital eye strain and thus allow better concentration in long gaming sessions or while working on your PC.

Reduces eye fatigue

Cepter gaming glasses reduce digital eye strain, making your eyes feel less tired in situations that require concentration and precision.

Blocks harmful blue light

The glasses reduce harmful and disturbing blue light by up to 50 percent, reducing eye strain and dryness when viewing the screen. Blue light blocking lenses make it easier to fall asleep and improve sleep quality by preventing the harmful symptoms caused by blue light.

Durable and comfortable

The lightweight and sturdy glasses feel comfortable on the head and are suitable for use with gaming headsets. The comfortable and durable acetate frame as well as the CR 39 lenses won't wear out easily while in daily use.


  • Lens width: 55 mm
  • Nose bridge width: 16 mm
  • Temple length: 140 mm

In the package:

  • Cepter Gaming Glasses
  • Pouch bag
  • Cleaning cloth