Cepter Duo pack Thermal grease
Cases, power supply and accessories

Perfect for gaming and overclocking

  • Volume: 2 x 1,5 g
  • Operation temperature: -30~280 °C
  • Nano technology
  • High quality performace
  • Color: grey

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 Cepter ID-TG15 thermal grease consists of composite and various microparticles that form a material especially optimized for use in PCs. This has a low dielectric constant and a high dielectric strength. Therefore, there is no danger of short circuits, even in cases of direct contact with components or conductive paths.

The ID-TG15 is compatible with all materials commonly found in a PC and very suitable for use with aluminum and copper coolers. For use with compressor coolers, the ID-TG15 is perfect and even at the lowest temperatures, the paste delivers full performance. ID-TG15 can easily be washed off if needed.


  • Primary color Grey