Cepter Caster Pro microphone
Cases, power supply and accessories

Versatile USB microphone with dual polar patterns and customisable RGB lighting

  • Polar pattern: Cardioid/Omnidirectional
  • Shock mount with rotatable microphone angle
  • Easy-to-use mic gain knob
  • Tap-to-mute with LED indicator
  • Customisable RGB lighting modes
  • One-button ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) mode
  • 3,5 mm connection for mic monitoring
  • Boom arm adapter included

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The Cepter Caster Pro is a versatile USB microphone with dual polar-pattern design that provides great voice capture from gaming and streaming to conference calls and podcasting. Enjoy recording with a variety of amazing features such as convenient Tap-to-Mute function, customisable RGB lighting, real-time mic-monitoring, easy-to-use gain knob, noise-cancellation button and a sturdy shock mount with adjustable angle.

Dual polar pattern design

Designed with two polar patterns, Cardioid and Omni-directional, Cepter Caster Pro is optimized for different types of setups and purposes. Switch easily between the patterns directly on the knob located at the back of the microphone. 

Cardioid polar pattern

Great for single-person recordings such as livestreaming, gaming and conference calls. Front focused cardioid polar pattern captures sounds directly infront of the microphone minimizing unwanted sounds around the microphone. Always make sure that you will be heard clearly while in the middle of fast paced gaming moments.

Omni-directional polar pattern

For multiple user recordings such as podcasts with multiple hosts, group calls or ASMR recordings. This all-angle mode captures sounds equally from all directions and all sources around the microphone.

Customisable RGB lighting

The Cepter Caster Pro is equipped with customizable RGB lighting with different lighting modes to suit your setup. Customise the lighting directly from the dedicated lighting button located on top of the microphone.

Handy Tap-to-mute sensor with LED indicator

The super convenient button on the top of the microphone enables effortless and quick muting with a single press. The LED indicator tells you when the microphone is muted.

Real-time monitoring

The microphone's 3,5 mm headphone connection allows you to monitor the recording in real-time. Monitor and adjust the background noise and gain levels of the microphone to find the perfect balance for your recordings.

Versatile features

Sturdy shock mount with adjustable angle dampens noise caused by accidental knocks and bumps. The shock mount can also be detached for a boom arm setup. Adjust the gain conveniently from the easy-to-use gain knob. Plug-and-Play USB connection enables effortless installation and use. Activate ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) to block any unwanted noises around the microphone.


  • Primary color Black