Cepter PC Wl controller
Cases, power supply and accessories

Wireless PC controller with RGB lighting

  • Compatibility: PC, Mobile, Nintendo Switch
  • Two programmable back buttons
  • Adjustable RGB-lighting
  • Adjustable vibration motor
  • Turbo function - replicate repeated button presses
  • Built in 6 Axis Gyro Sensor
  • One click wake up console function with Home button
  • 3,5 mm headphone jack

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The wireless Cepter PC controller is equipped with versatile features that take your PC, Switch and mobile gaming experience to a new level. Customizable rear buttons at the back of the controller, RGB lighting, vibration and turbo functions, and a built-in gyroscope provide an excellent PC gaming experience.

Programmable back buttons

Conveniently assign game-specific functions to the back buttons placed behind the game controller, which will help you stay one step ahead of your opponent. You can also set macro functions on the controller's buttons and joystick controls.

Customizable Turbo and Vibration functions

Easily adapt the level of the powerful vibration motors to suit your own use. Turbo button allows you to adjust continuous bursts and repeat several consecutive presses on any button or joystick to perform commands more quickly.

Ergonomic and attractive design

The ergonomic and stylish design of the controller with customizable RGB lighting offers a comfortable and firm grip for long gaming moments.

Autosleep function

When the controller is not in use, it will automatically go into sleep mode in five minutes.

Headphone jack

The 3.5 mm connection enables gaming headphones to be connected directly to the controller.